Chipping tooth: Is it really a matter of concern?

Teeth can get chipped due to a number of reasons such as biting on hard foods, falling on your face, experiencing sudden impact, trauma and weakened fillings amongst others. If it’s a minor chip, you may just be uncomfortable while eating and not experience any pain. On the other hand, your tooth may be painful if the nerve inside the tooth is exposed or damaged.

So what do you do when you realise that your tooth is chipped? This will depend on the severity of damage and the urgency of the situation. For instance, you can’t really wait for an appointment if you have a severely chipped tooth accompanied with some bleeding. This would constitute a dental emergency and needs immediate medical attention.

Read on to learn more about the treatment options for a chipped tooth.

  • Minor chips

Minor chips don’t constitute a dental emergency. They usually occur at the edges of the front teeth and many times don’t require any treatment at all. If you think that a chipped tooth is affecting your appearance or causing slight discomfort, then it would be preferable to visit the dentist for an evaluation. The dentist may just polish the tooth and smoothen out the rough edges to fix the chipped tooth.

  • Moderate chips

If your tooth is moderately chipped and involves damage to the tooth enamel, then your dentist may suggest dental bonding, filling or a crown depending on what is appropriate for your tooth. Bonding involves applying special filling materials which hold firmly against the tooth surface. This gives a natural appearance to the tooth and restores normal chewing abilities. Similarly, if your dentist thinks that you have lost a lot of tooth structure, then he may suggest going for a crown or veneer.

  • Major chips

It may be a cause for extreme discomfort and pain if the chips are large enough to expose the root nerve. This would need prompt attention and your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment. It involves removing the damaged nerve followed by placing a crown on the chipped tooth.

Note that, it would be advisable to visit a dentist immediately, if you experience bleeding or extreme pain in any of the above cases. Also, the best way to decide for a chipped tooth is to get it examined by a dentist.

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