What is Your Dental Age?

Did you know that there is something called as dental age? Just like your chronological age, your dental age is a measure that considers the condition of your teeth to establish if you look younger or older than you actually are. As our bodies age, our teeth age too. Our teeth undergo several changes which can be severe or moderate depending on our dental habits and oral hygiene.

Dentzz Dental- What's Your Dental Age
Analyse your mouth now and consider the following indicators to establish your dental age:

  • Healthy teeth and pink gums
    These individuals come across as the young ones and barely have a history of dental problems. They hardly have any cavities or tooth decay and require minimal dental treatments such as teeth whitening and cleaning. Proper dental habits such as regular dental visits, brushing twice daily, flossing and rinsing after meals need to be followed to achieve this youthful look.
  • Stained teeth
    If you smoke regularly, there is a high probability that you might have stained or darkened teeth. If you notice this, then people are more likely to assume that you are older than you actually are. You can ask your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment and bring back that youthful smile.
  • Straight set of teeth
    If you have a straight set of teeth that is perfectly aligned and not crooked, then you come across as a young person. On the other hand, if you have crowded or crooked teeth, then you look older than you actually are. As we age, our teeth tend to shift overtime causing them to crowd and erupt in wrong positions in our mouth. If you notice this, it is recommended that you see a dentist for a cosmetic dentistry procedure and attain a younger look.
  • Receding gums
    Lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to receding gums and make our teeth look longer. This can be a symptom of gum disease and should be treated immediately. Apart from this, receding gums can also make the person look old and add years to the appearance. Contact your dentist to treat this condition and do away with those excessive years.
  • Missing teeth
    This is a typical characteristic of elderly people and if you notice this, it is preferable to seek treatment immediately. Most individuals belonging to this category also have dentures and are not able to chew properly. Remember that a complete set of teeth makes the person look far more attractive and youthful than someone having missing teeth. Besides, the spaces created due to fallen teeth can make it awkward for you to smile.

To conclude, a young person can have an older dental age and vice versa. If after analyzing your mouth, you realize that your dental condition is making you look old, contact a dentist and seek the required treatment immediately. Further, various Dentzz review found online suggest that patients were indeed satisfied with their experience and left looking younger than before.

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