Mouth Care for Chemotherapy Patients

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for cancer. Being an invasive treatment, it can mean a lot of problems for your oral healthcare. Dentists always suggest that special care should taken during cancer treatment, during risk of infections and also if you’re not eating or drinking normally. Chemo uses drugs to kill the cancerous cells but it also causes a lot of side effects. So how can you take care of your mouth? It is recommended that you talk to your dentist one month prior to starting your chemotherapy. This way, your dentist can help you chart a proper course and the best ways to maintain your oral healthcare.Dentzz - Oral Care During Chemotheapy

If a person undergoing chemo has conditions like cavities, gum problems, abscesses then there are chances of the problem getting worse and may experience some bleeding from the gums. It may also cause sores and sharp irritation and pain in the teeth.  But with proper medication, one can eliminate the pain and the soreness. Extra care needs to be taken of the mouth to ensure that the problem does not get out of hand.

So what can be done to ensure good oral health? Make sure to get the dental X ray done. Follow this with a regular dental check up and cleaning process. Fluoride trays should also be used which are basically custom-fitted soft plastic trays that are used for treatments and for applying fluoride. Doing this twice daily will make a lot of difference. Brush your teeth thrice a day and floss regularly. Have a diet which is low in sugar and salt content. It be should be nutritious and well balanced to ensure proper eating. Several patients who have visited Dentzz for their treatment mention in their Dentzz review how proper care and basic steps were taught to them by our experts.

During chemo one may experience reduced platelet count. So if there is bleeding during flossing, avoid it.  Always use a soft toothbrush and for rinsing purpose, you can use salt water or baking soda mixed in water to ensure best result. Do not use mouthwash as it may further damage the inner lining of your mouth and use dentures only for meals. Do not consume spicy food and increase your intake of water and juices. You can try sugarless gum also. Your dentist may prescribe some antibacterial rinse, which can be very helpful. Follow these simple steps to maintain good oral hygiene during chemotherapy.

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